About me

V.I.P. – Versatility In Performance

World Class Piano Entertainer

He has got his own sound and an enormous repertoire. He adds new songs to his repertoire all the time, and he makes his own rearrangements.

He can play any of the old classics, and he also plays the very latest hits. He could clearly have been an internationally famous musician by now, but people who get the chance to experience Ivan Minekov in a piano bar are very glad he decided to become a piano entertainer.

He has originality and distinction in both his style and presentation. He easily adapts to different audiences and creates an atmosphere that will leave you wanting to hear him again.

Many years of experience in leading piano-bar venues in Switzerland and Europe make Ivan a MUST for every piano-bar today. He is performing in the top venues – hotels piano bars all over the world and is always re-engaged back.

Every set is created “on the fly” based upon what the audience is reacting to. The same show will never be performed twice. With a constantly expanding repetoire, you will see new material being added to the playlist weekly Ivan encourages crowd participation in the way of clapping, singing and dancing (when applicable).

Ivan Minekov - Pianist

Biographical facts:

Since 2005 Ivan Minekov plays mainly in Switzerland (over 200 performances per year) and gives piano lessons in Zurich. Since 1990 Ivan Minekov played with Sugar Blue (Grammy Winner Blues), Nazareth, R. Kelly, Chris Harper, Pezzo and many more.

  • 1986 – Present – Performing as a piano bar entertainer
  • 1984 – 1988 – Performing with different formations at jazz clubs in Sofia
  • 1984 – 1986 – Works as a pianist for the national team of rhythmic gymnastic of Bulgaria
  • 1984 – 1990 – Student at the Music Academy. In the class of professor L.Atanasova
  • 1979 – 1984 – Student at the Music School. In the class of professor M. Kurteva
  • 1972 – First lessons of piano with professor M. Gentcheva
  • 1965 – Born in Sofia on 19th of March